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This site provides resources for learning about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and is a joint offering of the RERC on AAC and the AAC program at Penn State University.

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    Available courses

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) supports communication for children who have difficulty with speech.

    (updated 7/15/2019)

    Alternative access provides methods and strategies to enable people with disabilities to access technology 

    (Updated 7/15/2019)

    AAC systems should be based on the knowledge, skills, and interests of the individual child, and support participation in a wide variety of activities.

    This course provides information on funding for AAC systems and services for school age children in the United States. (Updated 1/2/2019)

    Literacy is key to education and participation for all individuals, and is of special importance for persons with complex communication needs.

    (Updated 5/2/2019)

    This module provides state specific information re assessment, intervention, and funding for AAC.

    This is an an area for course instructors  to view resources related to AAC Learning Center courses, and to participate in a forum on AAC instructional activities. If you are an instructor, please complete this survey (you will be taken to a Google Doc)  to request access to these materials.

    This module is designed for families and professionals who are making a referral to the AAC Partnership Program at Communication Aids and Systems Clinic at the Waisman Center in Madison, Wisconsin.